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Return Book Cover Systems - The Industry Leader

Tangent Systems' Return Cover Processing (RCP) system is a turnkey solution for counting strippable paperback book returns. Using high speed, heavy-duty transports to read the Bookland EAN barcode information on the inside of the front book cover, Tangent Systems provides both publishers and distributors with the ability to efficiently process large volumes of returned covers. Tangent's RCP system is used by the majority of large US publishers and distributors of paperback books.

Using carefully selected hardware components combined with the robust, fault-tolerant capabilities of DocuTran, the Return Cover Processing system provides a level of accuracy and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry.

Standard Features

• ISBN-13 Compliant - Compatible with both the older ISBN-10 and current ISBN-13 standards.
• Sort by Publisher - For distributors, covers are sorted by pubisher.
• Multiple Read Heads - Multiple read heads are installed to help maximize read rate.
• Publisher Table - Allows you to add or change publisher numbers and group codes, and control sorting.
• Reports - Standard reports include the Completion report (to help ensure all work is completed), Vendor and Vendor Summary reports (showing quantities and dollar amounts by vendor and price point), and the ISBN by Publisher report (showing the quantity and amount for each ISBN, with totals by publisher).

Optional Features

• Audit Trail - Prints a unique audit trail on each cover to help prevent mishandling.
• RCPKey - Provides one or more hand scanning stations in order to scan or key rejected and non-transportable covers. RCPKey's data is automatically combined with the data captured on the high-speed transport, providing a single stream of information to your host system. Other features include audible feedback to maximize throughput and accuracy.
• High-speed Cutter - For publishers, the high-speed cutter automatically slices the covers as they are counted. The cutter ensures that every cover is only counted once, and does not affect throughput at all.
• Networked Installation - On systems with multiple key stations and/or multiple transports, the system can be installed on a file server.

RCP in Action!

The following brief video clips show the system in action (requires Windows Media player):