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Deposit21®: Deposit21 provides all the check data capture and electronic deposit capabilities needed to make a conventional data capture environment a full-fledged payment processing environment. Deposit21 is available with pre-built integrations for a number of popular capture environments including OpenText's Captiva, Kofax Capture, ABBYY's FlexiCapture, IBM’s Datacap software, and others. Deposit21 is easy to integrate, easy to use, robust, very flexible, and handles all the complexities of check data capture and electronic deposit. Click for further information on Deposit21’s electronic deposit features or its check data capture features.

DocuTran®: DocuTran is a powerful platform for document processing applications. Its flexible design allows it to handle even the most demanding and unusual requirements.

MarkDetective®: A sophisticated, high-speed recognition engine for detecting constrained or unconstrained markings on document images, useful in a variety of applications.

Return Book Cover Systems: Industry-leading returned book processing for publishers and distributors.