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Tangent Systems Announces Deposit21® Version 6

Deposit21’s Electronic Payment Deposit Capabilities Have Been Complemented With New Check Processing Features

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, March 24, 2010— Tangent Systems® (www.tangent-systems.com), a leader in electronic check deposit technology, today announced a significant new version of its Deposit21 software. Version 6 of Deposit21 complements its proven suite of electronic payment deposit capabilities with a comprehensive and flexible set of check recognition and image data entry features. The new version fulfills Tangent’s vision of providing a complete check processing platform that is easily integrated into any imaging product or solution. For example, forms imaging solutions can now expand their reach to include payment transactions by integrating the Deposit21 software into their workflow. Version 6 of Deposit21 is now in live operation, providing all the check recognition, validation, image data entry / correction, and Check 21 deposit capabilities required to process payment transactions accurately and completely.

Deposit21’s new “Check Services” capabilities operate as a plug-in component of any forms imaging application, providing a full suite of check processing capabilities. The forms imaging application is assured of receiving accurate identification, orientation, MICR line data and amount information for each check image processed. MICR line data is validated to the specific standards of the deposit bank, with a highly efficient image data corrections mode for resolution of any errors or unreadable characters. Check amounts are determined by configurable business rules that combine the results of courtesy / legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR) amounts from non-check documents in the transaction and dynamic multi-step “voting” image data entry. Both image-based and paper-based interactive exception processing modes are provided, simplifying the handling of exception conditions.

“After Deposit21’s initial version had deposited millions of checks electronically, we heard from segments of the forms imaging market that wanted to take advantage of Check 21 but needed more help,” says Steve Mack, President of Tangent Systems. “There are many sophisticated imaging and forms solutions that have the potential to handle complex payment transactions, but need help dealing with the checks throughout the workflow, not just in the final electronic deposit stage. Deposit21’s new ‘Check Services’ feature provides the missing pieces needed to check-enable any forms imaging solution.”

Deposit21’s configuration tools allow each forms application designer to select and tune the set of Deposit21 features they want to integrate into their application. The application designer has complete control over the entire process, utilizing Deposit21’s individual features at the appropriate points in the application’s workflow. Deposit21’s rich set of configurable options and business rules allows it to adapt to the specific requirements of each host application.

A sophisticated distributed image data entry facility is built into Deposit21 to provide an integrated framework for the various image keying modes. Deposit21 automatically presents each operator with the appropriate keying dialog for the highest priority work. The image data entry client software is designed to support outsourced keying and includes an adaptive redaction feature to assure customer privacy. Browser based image data entry is also provided for true “zero footprint” operation. Deposit21 works with bitonal, grayscale and color check images.

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