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Tangent Systems Announces MarkDetective™

Image Mark and Note Recognition Engine Now Available to Imaging Solution Providers and OEMs

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, April 11, 2007— Tangent Systems® (www.tangent-systems.com), an established provider of document processing and imaging software, today announced the availability of MarkDetective™, a mark and note detection engine for imaging solution providers and OEMs. Detecting various types of constrained and unconstrained marks on document images, MarkDetective is suitable for a broad range of applications and markets, including remittance, surveys, ballots, loan applications, health care, and insurance.

MarkDetective is designed for fast, accurate, real-time operation, though it is equally useful when only background recognition is needed. MarkDetective’s algorithms have been used to help provide real-time control of transports at speeds of up to 600 DPM. The software has processed billions of documents over the past decade.

“These are proven, sophisticated algorithms, developed over a considerable period of time while they were exclusively embedded within our solutions,” said Steve Mack, President of Tangent Systems. “Now, we have added new capabilities and are making our recognition engine available to other solution providers as well,” Mack continued.

MarkDetective supports a variety of commonly used anchor symbols and box types, encompassing both traditional OMR and the latest form design approaches. Automatic skew and speed compensation is also available, and because of its superior registration capabilities, MarkDetective can read boxes that are very small or tightly grouped with great accuracy. Mark group scoring is also supported: this capability employs special algorithms for scoring logical groups of mutually exclusive marks, where only one box out of a certain set or "group" is allowed to be marked.

In addition to detecting classical scoring/selection marks, MarkDetective offers sophisticated detection of the presence of handwriting, strike-outs, stamps, or other notations. There are many applications for this capability, including name and address changes on remittance coupons.

Three different levels of MarkDetective are available: Engine, Toolkit, and Toolkit.NET. The Engine provides direct API control and is intended for tight integration into an OEM’s form setup utility. The Toolkit is built on the Engine layer, but includes the MarkInspector GUI form setup utility as well as a simplified programming interface. Toolkit.NET offers the same functionality as the Toolkit, but with a .NET compatible interface layer, and is recommended for non-realtime applications.

The MarkInspector setup utility is provided with each package except the Engine. This utility loads and displays an image of a representative unmarked document and allows the operator to define the anchors, marks and other detectable objects on that form. The resulting form definition file is used to direct the recognition process for that form type at run time.

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