Tangent Systems, Inc
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Tangent Systems' technical professionals average over 20 years of experience in the document processing industry, providing an extraordinary level of expertise.

Steve Mack, President
John Georgacakis, Vice President

Steve Mack

Steve Mack is the founder and President of Tangent Systems. Steve has a broad background in the computer industry, including ten years working for document processing vendors prior to forming Tangent Systems. While with Cummins-Allison Corporation, one of the pioneer firms in high speed OCR, remittance and data entry, Steve managed the development of OCR and MICR systems used by major banks and commercial users in the U.S. and Europe. As the vice-president of Scan Data Financial Systems, he was responsible for the development of new OCR and MICR systems primarily marketed in England and Europe. As President of Tangent Systems, he continues to provide the leadership that has allowed the company to prosper in a very competitive market.

John Georgacakis

John Georgacakis is the Vice President of Tangent Systems. Having been in the high-speed document processing field for more than 30 years, John has extensive and broad experience in the industry. Throughout his career, John has prided himself in attaining a high level of customer satisfaction for regional hardware technical support, and regional software support and application development. He has held management positions with, Cummins Allison Corporation, Scan Data Financial Systems, and Recognition Equipment Incorporated.