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General Features

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DocuTran is Tangent Systems' legacy coupon/check capture product. DocuTran is a powerful platform for high speed document processing applications. Its flexible design allows it to handle even the most demanding and unusual document processing applications.

DocuTran provides all of the capabilities required for most image based coupon/check transaction processing applications. DocuTran includes the real-time transport operation for a wide range of different transports plus importers for offline devices. The software also provides flexible image data entry for reject correction, verification, entry and balancing. The feature can automatically perform multi-level balancing computations, control document identification and processing, character, field, record and batch validations and many more universal document processing functions. The software is portable, international, readily adaptable to new transports and imaging devices and operates in a Windows environment.

DocuTran can often minimize custom programming for an application, using instead comprehensive parameter-driven application definitions. Where custom programming is needed, for unusual requirements or specialized hardware, the software provides an elegant mechanism for small custom routines to be integrated seamlessly into the software's normal operations. The result is rapid development, high reliability, no sacrifice in flexibility, and ease of maintenance and upgrade.

A Proven Product

DocuTran has been used for high speed document processing in hundreds of systems around the world since 1986. The software has been used for include check processing, bar code sorting, GIRO payment transactions, image remittance, proxy processing, delivery coupons and many other applications.

Image Document Processing Without Custom Programming

DocuTran allows complex image-based applications to be developed rapidly with little or no programming, using powerful application development tools.