Tangent Systems, Inc
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About Us

Tangent Systems is a leader in the field of electronic check clearing software. Tangent’s electronic payment clearing software builds on over 30 years of experience providing high-speed remittance and document processing systems. Tangent’s software products have enabled customers around the world to process many billions of documents rapidly, efficiently, and accurately.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leading-edge payment clearing and image document processing technologies and solutions.

Our History

1984 Tangent Systems founded to provide specialized document processing systems and software
1986 OEM check processing software licensed to largest remittance solutions provider
1988 DocuTran® software product released
1989 Tangent develops the world’s fastest bar code reader - over 60 bar codes per second
1991 DocuTran is fully image-enabled
1992 DocuTran adds Kanji and Katakana display and entry, for Japanese market
1996 Tangent releases first PC-based image capture-rotate-compress hardware for 1,000 DPM check/remit transports
2000 One customer exceeds one million remittance payments per day
2006 Deposit21® software installed at high-volume production site
2008 Deposit21 supports native NACHA ACH deposit files
2010 Deposit21 6.0 adds extensive check data capture capabilities
2010 ReCap® remote capture software released
2011 Deposit21 provides direct integration with EMC's Captiva / InputAccel software
2013 Deposit21 provides direct integration with Kofax Capture
2013 Deposit21 provides direct integration for IBM's Datacap software
2014 ReCap supports Burroughs/Unisys 600 DPM scanners
2015 Deposit21 7.0 supports Canadian Cheque Image Payment deposit files
2016 Deposit21 7.1 adds Recon™ option for batch and transaction reconciliation