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Deposit21 Works in Your Environment

No matter what capture software you are using, Deposit21 is probably compatible with it. As you can see from the list below we have worked with a number of vendors to ensure that Deposit21 was available to their customers. In each case Deposit21 works within the native capture application development environment, adhering to the vendor’s conventions and best practices. This ensures that Deposit21’s capabilities are readily available to capture application developers as a natural extension to their development environment.

Deposit21’s integration layer is parameter-driven to simplify the process. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to add Deposit21 to an application, requiring as little coding and as little knowledge of Deposit21 and check processing as possible. All of Deposit21’s capabilities are available in every environment we support. When new features are added to Deposit21 it takes little or no change to an application to take full advantage of the enhancement. Usually all that’s involved is a single setup parameter change. It is also important that if you ever decide to change capture platforms, as long as your new capture platform is on the ever-growing list of supported environments your investment in Deposit21 is preserved.

Currently Supported Capture Environments

• OpenText’s “Captiva”
• Kofax’s “Kofax Capture”
• ABBYY’s “FlexiCapture”
• IBM’s “Datacap Taskmaster”
• Impression Technology’s “iCapture”

Integrate With Your Own Application

For Custom Environments and Those Not Listed Above Deposit21 has also been integrated in customer-specific environments using its .NET SDK. The SDK provides access to all of Deposit21’s capabilities via a straight-forward, thoroughly documented API. The SDK also includes a number of example C# programs to jump-start the development process. Tangent Systems provides training and professional services to support your design and development.