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Deposit21® Delivers Check Intelligence

There are many excellent data capture platforms on the market today and they do a great job with most capture requirements. However capturing check payment transactions, such as for Accounts Receivable or remittance processing, requires specific check-related capabilities. Deposit21 adds all the necessary check handling features, from comprehensive check data capture to fully automated Check 21 and ACH electronic deposits, to almost any data capture environment. With Deposit21 you can leverage the great capabilities of your favorite data capture software, extending it to accommodate check payment transactions as well.

Deposit21 works as a flexible component within the host capture environment, never dictating the application design. The application designer is free to pick and choose what capabilities to employ and how to use them within the workflow, for the most efficient process that best meets the business requirements.

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Robust, Transparent Architecture

Processing customer payments is a mission-critical application that requires flawless operation. Deposit21 recovers gracefully from failures, whether it’s a database server glitch or an error in transmitting a deposit file to the bank. Every contingency has been anticipated, with automated recovery plus manual override options where appropriate. Supervisors and support staff can subscribe to receive alerts via email, SMS text, web popup or Windows popup. Deposit21’s comprehensive web portal provides a dashboard overview and deep-dive details for every element of the software. This transparency ensures that your deposits, while they are now electronic instead of paper, are never held hostage to silent system failures.

Security, Security, Security

Checks aren’t just critical to a company’s cash flow, they also contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) belonging to your customers. Keeping such information confidential is a legal, ethical and commercial imperative. Deposit21 encrypts all check images, check MICR line data and supporting customer account information. Whenever an electronic deposit file is created, it is always in encrypted form, either using bank-mandated encryption or Deposit21’s own AES-standard encryption. There are never any temporary files or other short-term exposures of sensitive information. Check data entry can be redacted to further ensure customer privacy.

Solid security also requires that electronic deposit information be communicated to the bank in a secure and authenticated manner. Deposit21 maintains the login credentials for connecting with the bank’s file transfer server in a secure encrypted store. Also, since Deposit21 has all the necessary file transfer capabilities built-in, no batch files or “program launches” are ever used that might expose your login credentials. Deposit21 also supports the creation, import, export and effectivity dating of PGP keys, SSH keys and SSL certificates. All these capabilities are readily accessible to approved personnel via the Deposit21 web portal.

Security also requires that users be authenticated and that their access be restricted accordingly. Deposit21 integrates with Active Directory for authentication, either by user or by group. Fine-grained operator permissions further ensure that both the data and the processes are properly secured. Audit logging of critical operations and security-related events supports security audits and investigations.