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Benefits of Electronic Deposit

Corporate depositors can reap many benefits from electronic check deposit, including improved funds availability, lower bank fees, faster NSF notification, lower labor costs, lower equipment and supplies costs, reduced transportation costs and later bank deposit cutoff times. Deposit21’s intelligent automated deposit processing delivers on the promise of electronic deposit, while shielding you from all the challenges and complexities.


Deposit21 provides a comprehensive set of electronic check deposit options. All the major industry standards are supported, including Check 21 Image Cash Letters (ICL), ACH ARC/BOC debits, Canada’s Image Captured Payment (ICP) files, and even Image Replacement Documents (IRDs). The applicable standards from ANSI®, NACHA® and Payments Canada (Canadian Payments Association) are fully supported. In addition, an ever-expanding list of proprietary bank-specific deposit mechanisms are also supported, such as blended Check 21 / ARC deposit products, custom “61” and “68” records, “25” credit records, file steering prefix records and many more. The ACH support includes a number of features designed to minimize administrative returns, including self-training on-us field account/serial extraction, auto download of Accuity® ACH subscription files, intelligent ACH returns processing and many more.

Cost Effective

Multiple electronic deposit methods can be utilized within a single deposit stream, so that each item can be cleared in the most cost-effective manner possible. Least Cost Routing automates the selection of the lowest cost deposit method for each item. Least Cost Routing can utilize bank routing tables to optimize the deposit decision when multiple banks are employed. Complex multi-bank deposit schemes can thus be implemented without the need for custom coding. Deposit21 also supports co-mingled (multi-account) deposit files to reduce per-file bank fees.

Robust, Secure Architecture

In addition to the important characteristics of the software noted elsewhere, Deposit21’s handling of the electronic deposit process was designed to be especially robust. Duplicate checks are detected to prevent inadvertent double-deposit of the same payment. Image quality is screened to each bank’s standards to prevent image quality rejects (Non-Conforming Image / Non-Conforming Item) that cause bank adjustments and fees.


A wealth of deposit reports are provided to ensure that all possible treasury and operational needs are met. The web portal includes a convenient way to research deposits and individual checks using ad hoc queries. For each check the complete history of data capture, keying and deposit decision-making is available, along with the check images and data. The research data can include customer account numbers to facilitate chargebacks and transaction research.

Monitoring and Notification

The Deposit21 software manages and monitors the entire deposit process to ensure reliable and timely deposits. Positive confirmation is sought at each stage of the process, including transmission, receipt and deposit. The Treasury department can rest assured that the company’s deposits will get to the banks. If delays or problems occur during the electronic deposit process, the operations staff is automatically notified via e-mail, SMS text, web popup or windows popup. Scheduled notifications are also provided to deliver status and reports, such as daily deposit summary totals.

Trademarks: ANSI is a registered trademark and service mark of the American National Standards Institute. NACHA is a registered trademark and/or trademark of the National Automated Clearing House Association. Accuity is a registered trademark and/or trademark of Accuity, Inc.