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Accurate Check Data is Essential

Electronic deposit demands accurate data for every check, both the amount and the full MICR scan line. The benefits of electronic deposit are wasted if the deposits are inaccurate. Deposit21’s check data capture ensures the greatest accuracy for the least cost. In addition, many payment applications require additional tests, such as verifying the payee name or the presence of a signature. Deposit21’s check data capture features meet all these requirements and more. Tangent Systems’ software has processed billions of checks over the past three decades and that experience is evident in Deposit21’s check data capture.

Flexible and Configurable

Application developers define Deposit21 data capture “Jobs” using the Job setup utility. Each Job specifies a sequence of processing functions, which are controlled by parameters that tailor the operation to your specific requirements. You can define multiple Jobs and invoke each Job at the specific point in your application workflow where it is needed. This modular approach allows you to integrate just the functions you need and to control where they occur in the processing workflow. Deposit21 thus works as a seamless extension of your application.

Comprehensive Capture Capabilities

Deposit21 provides all the check data required in an A/R environment:

• Check ID & Orientation.

Deposit21 determines whether a given image is a check or not. For each check it also determines its orientation (front-to-back and/or rotated.)

• Check Extraction From Pages

The check portion of a full page or oversize check document can automatically be extracted, identifying and isolating the check “tear off” area for keying and deposit purposes. This eliminates the need to tear off the checks before scanning, maintaining transaction integrity.

• MICR Line Data

Deposit21 can read the E13B MICR code line data from each check image with two separate engines, to verify, correct and/or locate each character in the image. The image data entry client includes an efficient, purpose-built MICR corrections mode for rapid repair of any rejects.

• Amount Determination

The Courtesy Amount Recognition / Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) engine reads the numeric and written amounts on each check, either hand-written or machine-printed. The CAR/LAR engine cross-checks these two amount values for the best combination of read rate and accuracy. A highly configurable decision engine analyzes the CAR/LAR results along with any nominal payment amounts from non-check documents in that payment. The decision engine decides whether to require confirmation of the results by having the check amount keyed, and decides after keying whether to require a second keying, etc. The business rules configured for each site implements management’s policies regarding the trade-off between labor costs and accuracy. When check amounts must be keyed, the image data entry client includes an optimized check amount entry mode that will satisfy the fastest keyers.

• Citrix Compatible

The image data entry client can be packaged as a Citrix application, simplifying deployment and easily expanding the pool of available keyers for peak periods.

• Outsourcing-Ready

The image data entry client can be used remotely, as it is designed to be firewall-friendly and WAN-friendly. Browser-based web amount entry is also provided.

• Payee Verify, Signature Detect and Check Number Recognition

These optional features are automated, with image-based review/correction.

• Image Privacy

Adaptive image redaction is built in, sending only non-sensitive portions of the check to the image data entry operators. The Image Privacy rules are easily configurable via the web portal.

• Alternate Image Support

If your scanner can provide multiple images for each check, in bitonal, gray or color formats, Deposit21 can use the enhanced images during keying. Image data entry can be configured to use the best image format initially, or to default to the bitonal image and allow the operator to display the gray or color format on demand with a single keystroke. The enhanced images ensure that checks are always legible for keying.